Commitments & investments

Every idea starts small, and it is essential to place one’s trust in reliable partners. Leo HILLINGER knows from personal experience what it means to build a company with one’s own energies. And that having the necessary financing is indispensable in achieving success. With every good idea. For many years now, Leo HILLINGER has supported numerous projects – socially conscious projects such as Pink Ribbon, sports-oriented projects such as FC Hill, and many others that are specifically committed to children and youth. And he is a ‘Business angel’ in the Puls-4 show ‘2 minutes – 2 million’. As an investor, he has helped a number of companies with their startups – after testing protein drinks, cosmetics, pine bed frames or moving boxes and finding them to be good.

Every idea starts small. Thanks to Leo HILLINGER’s investments, some ideas have already come out big.


There are nowadays many protein drinks available. Nevertheless, Zeus has discovered a gap in the market that needed filling: with a high proportion of proteins, pleasantly refreshing taste and low sugar content, this protein soda provides a low-calorie alternative to other protein drinks. The first sparkling protein drink, available in various flavours, supports the body before sports and in its cell renewal after the match.


MyAcker is located in Upper Carinthia, although it is managed via the Internet. From home, depending on the season, the client will decide what is planted when, and the MyAcker team is responsible for cultivation and care. The modern technology makes it possible to observe the plants as they grow. When the time finally comes that the vegetables are ripe, they can then either be harvested on-site or delivered by mail of Austria.

Die Køje

Modern design combined with the traditional effect of stone pine – die Køje offers knot-free pine bed frames with a clear language of design. The positive effect of the robust coniferous wood on healthy sleep has now been scientifically proven: its pleasant helps to bring the cardiovascular system into harmony, relieves oversensitivity to weather and calms the nerves. In addition, the beds are constructed entirely without metal parts. Sustainable, healthy and made from regional materials.

ILO – fertility test

Sebastian Rüther and Evi Jesacher have developed Ilo, a patented respiratory gas analysis that determines the fertile days of women. By breathing into the device for one minute, Ilo will determine the best time to conceive for couples who wish to have children.

ILO – fertility test

Scoot & Ride

Scooter or balance bike? Scoot & Ride is both – a scooter that transforms into a bike in an instant. Conversion is accomplished completely without tools, via a simple sliding button. So kids can easily switch from one function to the other. Different models are offered, depending on age group – from the Highwaykick for children one year or older, to the Highwayfreak for kids 5+, weighing up to 100 kilograms.