the biography

‘Consistency, consistency, consistency’!
Leo HILLINGER is a winegrower in heart and soul, and much more than simply that.

In his autobiography, he tells of the past and speaks of the present and looks to the future; he knows how to captivate and surprise with his words. >>to the german book

Leo HILLINGER: with consistency to success

Years of apprenticeship and travelling: born in Eisenstadt, he grew up in Jois. Surrounded by vineyards and grapes. So wine was always a major element in Leo HILLINGER’s environment. His father was a wine merchant, with a traditional wine tavern on top of that. The young Leo acquired his first professional polish during an internship in Rheinland-Pfalz, and began to assemble other knowledge. The wine is one thing. Economics is the other. And so he graduated from his training in Germany as a certified economist and a master of viticulture.

Setbacks & ascent: after further sojourns abroad – including in California – finally the return to Jois. Entry onto the wine scene. With many setbacks, before the ascent became successful. Leo HILLINGER is not a man who only tells the pretty parts of the story. His path was rocky, and he speaks openly about it. But this path has led him to where he wanted to go. How he achieved his goal? ‘With consistency, consistency, consistency’, is the direct answer.

‘Second homeland’ –

Wine estates in several countries, to be sure, but one nation in particular has impressed Leo HILLINGER: South Africa. In 2012, he became involved with a traditional winery as part of a joint venture. Since then, he travels to his ‘second home’ several times a year. And anyone who knows the workaholic Leo knows that he is not just on holiday there: after all, South Africa is a very special wineproducing nation. And thus, no surprise that the winery Constantia Glen produces fine and distinctive wines.


If Leo HILLINGER is not at work, he will still be on the go – whether by land or on the water is not important – the most important thing is being active and moving fast. Perhaps on his racing bicycle or on the mountain bike… Somewhere between the vineyards, in Andau, Jois or on the hill in Rust. As a balance and compensation for office work, and to see what’s going on outside. Moreover, this passion also spurs him to excel in competitions such as the Leithaberg Marathon, the Race Around Austria (RAA) or South Africa’s ‘Cape Epic’.

Life in book form

Winemaker, investor, TV star, high-performance athlete. And author. In his 2017 biography ‘Consistency, consistency, consistency’!, Leo HILLINGER tells his story. But this book is more than just a biography. There are insights in Leo HILLINGER’s desire to change the world for the better, into what drives him and what inspires him. It reflects the image of a successful entrepreneur who, above all, has remained consistent in one thing above all: being true to himself.

Support –

Even with all his public presence in the media, there is also another side to Leo: the private one. Where he can recharge batteries and share energy, to arrive and to remain grounded. His children – Leo Thaddeus was born in 2002, daughter Vivienne in 2004 – are the driving force behind Hillinger. They provide the entrepreneur & winegrower, the quality fanatic, the travelling man and the athlete with the support and grounding he needs for his diverse projects.