The Brand Leo Hillinger

The man behind the HILLINGER brand has managed to turn a small wine estate into a hugely successful enterprise. With creative ideas, unusual marketing measures and a sizeable portion of business intuition.

‘Leo Hillinger from 0–100’, bookable for your event

Today, Leo HILLINGER manages a company that has long outgrown its core business and has become internationally renowned.

The path to this success was not always levelled, nor was it smooth. The goal, however, always remained clear. With determination and consistency, Leo HILLINGER has grown from being the underdog of the wine scene into one of the leading entrepreneurs in the industry. He will trace the story of his success in the lecture ‘From 0 to 100’. In a very humorous way, almost in cabaret style. With self-irony, a certain twinkle in the eye and personal anecdotes that show that it’s not always the conventional way that leads to the goal.

Title of presentation: ‘Leo Hillinger from 0–100’

Duration of presentation: 45-60 minutes

Costs: On request from Mrs Martina Horvath at

Wines from Hillinger can be purchased for the presentation at hospitality industry prices.