Becoming involved in circumstances where help is needed has always been the way of our company. For this reason, we support selected clubs and social organizations for many years.

From Jois to South Africa, from the sports club to Austrian Cancer Aid and to the orphanage. Social engagement takes many forms: Because only by working together more can be done!


The pink ribbon symbolizes solidarity with women who have been afflicted with breast cancer. “Pink Ribbon” also stands for research and education around the disease. The Leo HILLINGER Winery has been supporting the Cancer Aid since the very beginning. As an official Pink Ribbon partner, we have dedicated a private label to our sparkling wine. The Secco Rosé Pink Ribbon Edition bears the pink ribbon on the label, symbolizing our joint partnership. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product goes to the Austrian Cancer Aid.



The mobile team of MOKI Burgenland accompanies, advises and cares for newborns, premature babies and sick children where they feel most comfortable: at home. For this purpose, mobile certified nurses for children and adolescents are available in Burgenland. With a great team, which is there with a lot of heart and accompanies families with their healthy, but also seriously ill child individually at home. The range of tasks is wide: from breastfeeding counseling for young families to respite care for families with home-breathed children.



The Ronald McDonald House offers parents of seriously ill children a temporary home during treatment. The organization operates five houses in Austria located near major children’s hospitals. It gives families the opportunity to remain close to their children for the duration of hospital stays, which is very important for both the families and the young patients. Weingut Leo HILLINGER sponsors Ronald McDonald Child Assistance every year in the form of a donation.



Herzkinder Österreich is the contact point for all non-medical concerns and issues. Immediately after the frightening diagnosis “Your child has heart disease”, the affected parents are at a loss. This news is a great shock. The parents feel helpless and overwhelmed. Despair, fear and feelings of guilt set in. At the association Herzkinder Österreich, parents of heart children can find support, advice and assistance, and can exchange experiences with other affected parents. For those seeking advice, they procure concrete, specific information, establish contacts, and listen to them when they want to pour out their hearts.


Football is more than merely sport. It brings people together and, above all, offers children and young people a chance to exercise and to have a team experience. Leo HILLINGER not only sponsors FC HILL in Jois, he also uses his personal network to organize special football events – for example, a celebrity football match, whose proceeds benefit young athletes in Jois as well as a project in South Africa.



Together with our long-time partner and beekeeper Simon Tötschinger, we set an example for the protection of bees with the LyLys blossom honey. A part of the proceeds goes to the maintenance of bee-friendly, pesticide-free orchards. In this way, we set an example for bee protection and contribute our or a part to the preservation of the flower-rich oases that bees need to ensure their survival.

Jump-start for social startups

As a ‘Business Angel’ on the TV show ‘2 minutes 2 million – the PULS 4 Start Up Show’, Leo HILLINGER supports, among others, the following social projects by granting interest-free loans:


The project brings together companies, private individuals and beekeepers to work together for the protection of honey bees and wild bees. Honey bees are cared for and propagated by expert beekeepers. The wild bees benefit from selected wild bee projects that we support. As an organic farm, we know that there can only be one tomorrow and one future with a healthy nature. To make this tomorrow possible, our sponsorship strengthens the bees, whose busy pollination work gives rise to new life in the form of blossoms and fruits.


Wood Fashion is 100% fashion, but only 10% resource consumption – with 100% fashion versatility. Wood Fashion’s mission is fair designer fashion with ethical and ecological standards and honest content. Between the hills of Mühlviertel, at the edge of the Bohemian Forest at home, it is obvious to want to create something that is 100% sustainable: modern fashion, with a small, ecological footprint.


We all know Vienna as the city of St Stephen’s Cathedral, the Hofburg Palace and the Ringstrasse – sights that no tour of the town fails to see. Shades Tours does not visit these hot spots. Because Shades Tours shows another Vienna. In the selected tours, an element of insight into the topics of poverty and homelessness, as well as refugee matters and integration, is provided by those affected. In addition, Shades Tours also organizes other activities that bring people together, such as cooking in the crypt, and handicrafts, or rehabilitative work in social institutions.


The Clever Box was designed by a mother in order to provide her child with a sense of structure in its everyday life. Because it’s true that structure and regular rituals form a stable framework for the development of independence and personality. This structural aid – in the form of an attractive planning board – is suitable as a working tool for both parents and educators, and supports children and adolescents with Asperger syndrome or ADHD, as well as those with reading and concentration problems.


Joadre stands for colourful bags produced under fair-trade conditions. The basic idea behind the Austrian-Nigerian project is to provide women in Nigeria, Ghana and Togo with paid work, to help them gain economic perspectives and earn a livelihood. Especially, as local work is also an important tool in the struggles against poverty and against human trafficking.

The bags are distributed through the Joadre website, as well as in selected stores such as Weltladen or s’Fachl throughout Austria.