HILL Heiligenkreuzerkeller

Nearly 200 years ago, the Holy Cross monks built a wine cellar in Jois. To provide the wines here with the ideal environment where they could mature and age. Once again today, wine is cellared in the vaults. After a long Sleeping-Beauty nap, the cellar was kissed awake again in 2018. And today it has become a historic venue for presentations, with state-of-the-art equipment. With room for approximately 100 guests, the traditional vaulted cellar offers a distinctive ambience, ideal for weddings, birthday parties, company events and presentations or wine tastings. The old cellar does not lack any modern comfort: not only the music system, but Wi-Fi and TV are also included. There is a kitchen for catering and a bar for the guests. The roof terrace can accommodate 50 people – and offers a wonderful view, as the sun sinks behind the Schneeberg…

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